Maria Alamillo Ramirez

Therapeutic Bodyworker

I’m an Integrative Bodyworker. I have completed my massage and craniosacral program through IPSB at Life Energy Institute. I have also been certified through CAMTC since 2017, and have been trained in prenatal massage and womb massage. I realized the majority of the work that I do is with women. Today’s world is at such a high technological speed that sometimes we forget that self-care is a must. Don’t wait until your body is in crisis. Self-care is a facial, a cup of tea, a walk on the beach, curling up on the couch with a blanket, or a massage. What do you need to do to stop, breathe, and tune out to tune in? If I can be part of that, great! I also work with essential oils and crystals, which I refer to as earth magic. My approach with clients is deep listening. They tell me what in their body is causing pain or discomfort, and then I listen to their body as they are on the table, breathing deeply. In that stillness, an additional story is revealed, then I know where to work. I look forward to seeing you on my table.


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