Chelsea Maclure

Massage Therapist

I was born and raised in Southern California. I’m certified in Massage Therapy from IPSB at Life Energy Institute. I am passionate about one’s self care and through my own, I’ve realized the importance massage has on one’s Mind, Body, and Spirit. I work slowly to engage with your body to alleviate any stress, pain, or tension you may be having and I also incorporate a combination of stones, sound, and Aromatherapy in my therapeutic treatments.

Clients ask me all the time why I wanted to do massage and it’s simple, because I love it! I feel, when I get a good massage, I am a changed woman. Not only does it help me focus, but it also helps me relax and sleep better. I want to do that for other people. It is my job to give you the best hour of your day!


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Maria Alamillo Ramirez