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For 20 years, I have specialized in natural skin care for the whole family and I believe that true beauty is a reflection of our inner radiance. Each of my unique facials includes the loving energy of Reiki as well as clean, high result skin care for the ultimate rejuvenation of skin and spirit! One facial and you’ll look and feel more beautiful, inside and out!

Hands on Healing Sessions:

As a gifted Healer and Medium, I am devoted to loving you through your pain, without judgment, to more play, joy, and deep self-loving! I am a channel for spiritual, crystalline light that will dissolve stagnant and painful energies and replace them with a renewed sense of peace, love, light, and hope.
With a refreshing rawness and authenticity, I use many different tools, such as Reiki, Clear Light Healing, Tantra, Mantra, Prayer, Meditation, Breath, Grounding Exercises, and Spiritual Psychology to co-create each unique and powerful session.
You’ll always leave with an energetic tool to help you claim your inner healer and consciously use YOUR power for your highest good.
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